Neti-neti (in Sanskrit). Neither this, nor that. No matter how you call it – it isn’t it. Any name, title distracts us from what it really is. Efforts to define it makes it slip from the grasp. This is disappoiting for a rational mind. It makes us anxious and scared.
Just before the New Year I want to talk about something that lies at the core of our being. About the Mystery. Something sparkling, nourishing, abondant, secret, sacred, healing, with good sense of humor.
In fact there’s nothing to talk about, because there are no words to describe it, it is invisible and untouchable. It is beyond all.
But still we feel it. We enjoy it in some moments of silence of our minds. It talkes to us and we can talk back!
We ask questions and feel the answers.
It is in our cells, it is in our vision, in our curiosity, in our interests and our passion. It is in our conciousness. It is in the basis of life.
It is the treasure we all carry with us. It is in the air. It is on the top of the pen when we write or on the top of the fingers when we print.
It is in giving and receiving. It is in creativity. It is in a sound and in a pause between the sounds. It is in giving birth and in dying.
It’s everywhere and nowhere.
It is the Real Me. And it constantly lives through me.
Just stop and listen to its vibe. Feel it now. Let it answer your all hidden questions, dispell your doubts.
This is the feeling we search for going to church or praying. This is what we feel in the presence of some special people or in some special places.
You are that special place and soul. Now and here. Just pinch yourself and ask, isn’t it true?

To my READER: How do you feel Mystery? When, where? How do you feel about it? Do you like to talk about it? Would you like to talk about it? I hope you have a cozy time before New Year. Wish you all the best and keep in touch with Mystery.

© 2019, Nataliya Chapliy. All rights reserved

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