If you are searching the practice to be better, smarter, faster, more efficient, attractive, bla bla bla, you wont find it here. Practices are for those who like to give responsibility of life to someone else. It’s a good kind of practice if you are totally lost and have no idea who you are and where to start.
But once you’ve decided to be a responsible and openminded seeker of yourself, the whole life becomes your practice. No matter who you decide to be, what are your roots: Christian, Muslim, Jogi, Philosopher, Buddhist, whatever – it’s now your practice. Make a decision and take the responsibility in your hands and from this moment wonders start to happen.
You taste freedom, although now you cannot claim someone your life is not good enough. You enjoy energy that comes from you decisions and power of your words. You find answers inside you. Everything helps you to know yourself and everything is here to teach you.
Then your job, your family, your home and travelling become a specific exercise of your spiritual life.
The only practice is to remember WHO YOU ARE. Very deep inside who you are. You know it. Your body and your emotions know it.

To my dear READER: Does it make sense to you? Let’s imagine life as a strong river, rushing towards the sea. And we are inside this river. Normally we are used to think of ourselves as of some separated creatures, tragically lonely and lost in the Universe. But this worlview is totally depressive. It leads nowhere. We fight with obstacles and this flow of Natural Order of Things is our enemy. We loose energy and finally faith, because world is a hostile place.
But the world is One. One in diverse manifestations. More over, this world is intelligent and conscious. All is Consciousness. The world is consious, we are conscious and that is why there’s a dialog and interaction. We are in the river of consciousness and the only practice is remembering who we are. No matter what role we are playing right now as a human beings. If you have doubts – ask yourself. Deep inside you know it. Your body and your emotions know it.
Don’t worry, we’ll return to this topic. It is tremendously important and maybe the key one. But let’s move step by step.

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