Today is my birthday and I want to give you a little present. While working on my plans for this 2020 year, I realized that the main value for me now is not creating a new business (although I want is so much), but being full of Resource. You cannot take care of others, if […]


If you are searching the practice to be better, smarter, faster, more efficient, attractive, bla bla bla, you wont find it here. Practices are for those who like to give responsibility of life to someone else. It’s a good kind of practice if you are totally lost and have no idea who you are and […]


Neti-neti (in Sanskrit). Neither this, nor that. No matter how you call it – it isn’t it. Any name, title distracts us from what it really is. Efforts to define it makes it slip from the grasp. This is disappoiting for a rational mind. It makes us anxious and scared.Just before the New Year I […]


When I was at school each girl used to have such a copybook with about 30 questions to give it to friends and get answers. There were questions about your personal details, your likes and dislikes, your favorite people and things, music, hobbies, quotes. Although it was some 90 percent the same question in each […]


I’m stuck. Well, it’s December. Hard times, time to think, to pray, to survive in all that mess in the streets and inside my head. On the other hand I’m crazy about doing some small cozy business with cozy people, without all this shouting extra quick tricks to fix your life and make you happy, […]