Natasha Shodashi

Dear Researcher!

Welcome to my website. I’m Nataliya Chapliy (Natasha Shodashi) and this blog is my field of scientific experiments and useful information for my students and friends.

I’m a Philosopher of Law and Mental Health. My aim is to show you the next levels of understanding things and translate unspoken knowledge into human language.

My scientific interests are: worldviews, women narrative, emotional intelligence, natural law and values.

I’m PhD in Legal Sciences (Warsaw University) and independent researcher now.

Besides I’m

  • a former member of Mental Health Coalition in Poland
  • a translator of articles and books (Polish, Russian, Spanish, English)
  • a journalist
  • a former linguistic editor of International Philosophical Journal “Sophia”
  • an author of the book “Multilevel Development of an Individual in Democratic Society. The Synthesis of the Theory of Positive Disintegration of Kazimierz Dabrowski and the Concept of Democracy by Gustav Radbruch” 2013, Warsaw. (in Polish)
  • an author of numerous articles on mental health, legal issues, education and philosophy
  • a participant and co-organizator of numerous scientific conferences and events.


Natasha Shodashi

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