Today is my birthday and I want to give you a little present.
While working on my plans for this 2020 year, I realized that the main value for me now is not creating a new business (although I want is so much), but being full of Resource. You cannot take care of others, if you are out of resources, if you are constantly tired and unhappy. You cannot effectively rest and work. You cannot enjoy simple things and the presence of your family or friends. You cannot stand riding the subway, you cannot cope with mess on your desktop and in your head. It’s awful in a word.
There are several levels we work with restoration of the resources. Physical, mental and mystical. Resource is not only keeping fit or being wealthy. It’s the energy, the light, the SOURCE inside us.

So I promise you to write a lot about it, because it is a very important issue for me and for many people I know personally and virtually. Let’s be strong, creative and alive right now and right here.

I offer you a meditation. Read each sentence and try to feel it. Try to find that place in your inner space.

Among all aromas in the room – feel the aroma of your source.
Among all the thoughts in your head – find the one from your source.
Among all the sounds of the Nature – hear the silence of your source
Among all the winds and snowflakes in the air – feel the moves of the source.
Among all the sufferings and deaths – remember the eternal source.

To my dear READER: Can you see the relationship between you level of energy and how your life goes? How do you feel the energy? Where do you feel it in your body, when you are strong and happy and how the things go when you are out of fuel? What are your tricks to recover yourself?

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